History of Austin Pedal Cars
In early 1946, Leonard Lord, the chairman of the Austin Motor company conceived the idea of producing an Austin child's pedal car to be produced in a new factory that would provide useful employment to disabled miners in South Wales.

The idea was passed to a specially selected development team at Longbridge.  They researched the project, actually built the prototypes and developed the original concept into two manufacturable pedal cars, a roadster based upon the full size Austin A40 and a single seater based upon the pre-war Austin twin cam racer.   

Austin equipped a new factory at Bargoed in South Wales and retrained a skilled workforce of disabled miners.   Production started in 1949, initially with the Pathfinder  Special, which was replaced by the J40 Roadster during the following year. 

We unashamedly promote David Whyley's book as a more in depth account of the fascinating history of "Austin Pedal Cars" and the individual people who turned Leonard Lord's idea into the reality of the wonderful children's cars that have provided so much enjoyment for over 50 years.

History of our Company
" Roy Halford has become the main supplier of reproduction parts for the Austin pedal cars.  The interest began when Roy, then an aircraft technician in the Royal Air Force, purchased first a J40 then later a Pathfinder to restore for his children.  Finding that many of the parts needed to bring them back to their former glory were unobtainable, and unable to find any acceptable alternatives, he organized tooling to manufacture batches of the required parts.  As early as 1983 in the first club journal, Roy was advertising the surplus parts to help others with their restorations"

"Roy's attention to detail has been true to the spirit of the Austin factory, with high quality parts made as near as possible to the original specification.  As Roy explained.."

"Experience gained from my involvement in the restoration of Morgan sports cars had convinced me that when organizing the manufacture of parts, originality and quality should not be compromised"   

Since a major re-organization which was implemented during the early 1990s, Lin Halford has been responsible for customer orders and day to day company administration, with Roy Halford managing development and manufacture.